Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Urban Decay order coming soon!

Can i just say thanks to my 3 followers!! So chuffed thanks, i sat writing this blog last night and though no one would want to read it so thanks a million!!
As i mentioned yesterday i have just put in a order for Urban Decay, im so excited as im a big Urban Decay fan! There are eyeliners, eyeshadow, lipsticks, gift sets, brushes, liquid liners, eye gel, mascara, lip balm and loads more.. should hopefully be here tomorrow..  oh la la..
Also two shades in benefit cream eyeshadow - Bunnyhop & Carte blanche.
Bourjois elastic mascara
Has anyone tried this mascara? i will of course keep one myself, ive got a good excuse to keep more products now so i can mention them on my blog... thats what i'll tell the boyfriend anyway..
Will it match up to my favorite at the moment Loreal volume million lashes?
Im not sure but its deffo going in my makeup collection..

Mac Blush Feeling & Springsheen in stock tomorrow..
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, please get in touch with any comments..thanks


*Crionna* said...

Delighted you started a blog. Im totally addicated to your website i love being able to buy online as i dont live near a MAC store here in Ireland and they dont deliver so i can really get my makeup fix on your site for great prices aswell which is a bonus! Cant wait to see the Urban Decay things i feel another order coming when payday comes!! :) Take care x

cosmetics-skincare said...

thanks so much for your lovely message.. it means the world to me that people like my shop, im a nightmare i honestly will not be able to sleep tonight im so excited about my order..its better than xmas..lol. my boyfriend thinks im mad! anyway get in touch anytime, thanks a million, laura x

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