Sunday, 9 June 2013

BIGGEST Cosmetics Giveaway!!

I thought it was time to hold another giveway so i decided to choose a selection of products from my store 
With over 5000 products currently in stock there was allot to choose from, so i really hope you like them...
There will be 5 winners selected by on the 4th July. 
Anyone can enter regardless of  where they are from, to enter just leave a comment below with either your name or email address. 
The only condition is that you follow my blog,
I also just wanted to say a big thank you to all my customers you have been keeping me very busy and good luck to you all!

1st Prize- Christian Dior

Rouge Lipstick Elegant Pink (unboxed)
Addict Lipgloss 047 (unboxed)
Makeup Bag

2nd Prize- Benefit

Realness Of Concealness Set
Naturally Lush Lashes
Eyeshadow Blushing Beige

3rd Prize- Max Factor

Pan Stik Cool Bronze
X-pert eyeliner metalic anthracite
Curve Effect Lipgloos Intuitive
Eyeshadow angel eyes

4th Prize- Playboy

First Blush Cabana Boy
Calender Girl Lipstick Miss September
Lipgloss Hef's Favourite (unboxed)

5th Prize- Rimmel

Lash Accelerator Mascara
Colour Rush quad Smokey Brun
Blusher Santa Rose

Good Luck!!


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Sabrina Tedjokusuma said...

Hallo from Indonesia :D
I am in :D
Sabrina Tedjokusuma
Wish me luck!! :D

kati_kz said...

Katia Nancheva from Bulgaria
GFC: kati_kz

silviabia said...

Sílvia Ferreira from Portugal
Bloglovin': Sílvia Ferreira
Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

StrangenessOfHeart said...

Hej Laura,
you are so generous! Besides having such an awesome range of lovely products and keeping us updated with lots of new arrivals (especially in the last weeks) you are now treating us to such treasures!
I am happy to throw myself in ;-)
Would my Blog-Name be enough? Because I would rather like to not publish my name or emailaddress openly ... thanks :-)

cosmetics-skincare said...

hi, thanks so very much for the lovely message, yes any name at all its only so i can contact the appropriate person, thanks so very much xx

Domniki Sarri said...

Hi from beautiful Greece!thanks for the chance to win these awesome products!
GFC:Domniki Sarri

Catarina said...

OMG such amazing prices you are the best!

Thank you so much

Alice D. said...

Wow, thanks for this chance! I really love your shop, always a great deal!
Many greetings from Germany<3

Sine Sch said...

That's such a nice giveaway.
Sine from Germany :)

Falbala said...

Thanks for the giveaway!!
I'm from Spain


ninfaa6 said...

Thanks a lot for this amazig giveaway!

kisses! Marta.

My FB Corner said...

My F&B Corner


Pa said...

Patricia from Spain.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Lisa Anna said...

Lisa from Germany

radmilamila said...

How truly great! I loved your benefit set.
Radmila,, GFC Radmila U

whitey said...

I am kutay from U.K.

Ananda Rock said...

Amazing giveaway!!
I'm from Spain

Rena m said...

Wow, these are great prizes!! =)


Leanna French said...

This is such an amazing giveaway! :)

Name: Leanna F.

Following through GFC


AnnDee said...

An awesome giveaway! Thanks!

Anndee - mail: anndeelicious [at]

Lalena Janke said...

Lalena Janke from USA

Following via GFC and e-mail

Lilith said...

Lilith eyes

Thank you!

airuN said...

Nick: airuN
Thank you.

Miss Potingues said...

Nick: Miss Potingues
Thank you!!

Color Me Pretty said...

Nick: Nathalie
nathalie @
Thank you

Beauty Best Friend Forever said...

Great choices of prizes! My email address is: Following as BBFF on GFC. Thanks!

laura-tomlin said...

Amazing giveaway
name: laura
thank you

MoranSha said...

i'm a follower and the 3rd prize looks amazing!
mooransh @ gmail . com

Lean Buscaino said...

Hi I'm Lean from Philippines :)
Facebook name : Lean Diwa Buscaino

Martha said...

What an amazing giveaway! Following through GFC as Syllable. Bits crossed for the draw

Anonymous said...

wow, thanks for the giveaway.
lots of love.

amarintide said...

I love this giveaway!
Elisa Spagnol
GFC: amarintide

Anonymous said...

great giveaway :)
Dragica from BiH

mariam rashid said...

Osun giveaway.
my id is
name: Mariam Rashid

R3musak3 said...

Hi! What an amazing giveaway! Thank you very much!
Cismaru Denise

Vicki Shaw said...

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Vicki Shaw

milù said...

beautiful prize! thank you
fb: Milù Bijoux

georgina davies said...

Great prizes
my name is georgina davies and i follow you under that name on GFC and my email is
Wish me luck :)

Sania Wasif said...

Thanks for giveaway ..
GFC: Sania

mariana c said...

Hi! my name is mariana c and my e-mail is

xAnoukx said...

Amazing giveaway!
Name: Marta Morales López
GFC: xAnoukx

Thanks a lot :D

Nina Samarguliani said...

great prizes! I'd like to win the 2nd one:

name: Nina Samarguliani ( I followed via GFC with this name)
I invite everybody to join the giveaway of an awesome cloisonne enamel pendant on my blog:

Mela Melina said...

Hello, I come from ITaly
Pamela Tozzi
GFC: Mela

amna khand said...

Wawoooo realy sach a lovely giveway <3
thanks for giveway honey :)
I'm amnakhand from Pakistan :)
folow you GFC name: amnakhand

Thais M. said...

GFC: Thais Magalhães

Cinnamon Flavoured Void said...

You've chosen amazing stuff! Fingers crossed and good luck to all :)

Name/GFC: Katerina Karagoceva

All the best,

despoina Dezel said...

beautiful prizes!!!
despoina from Greece

Casia said...

My name is dana maria

agne_ said...

what a nice giveaway!

Agnė Čepukavičiūtė

Boglárka Aros said...

great giveaway:)
gfc name: Bogi A.

GeorgiaBeckman said...

WOW! Nice prizes, thank you so much! I am following your blog on GFC (as Georgia Beckman) & by email ( Thanks so much for offering these great prizes!

Srna Kulik said...

I follow you on GFC: Srna kulik
email:srnacoollik(at)gmail(dot)com said...

Hi.i'm from Indonesia
GFC: miarsi ningsih
Email: miarsiku at gmail dot com

Afsana said...

I found You via Facebook I love your blog. Honestly i don't worry about the makeup unless i'm going to see people like you :) it's about feeling alive!Thanks for the Giveaway :)

Name Afsana prasla

estelblau said...

Lourdes from Spain
GFC: estelblau

Irina G. said...

Great giveaway, thank you!
Name and GFC name: Irina Gnatiuk

Alexandra Ukrainets said...

Followed via GFC as Alexandra Ukrainets

Yuen said...

Awesome giveaway!

Followed via GFC: Yuen

Kellyta said...

Amazing giveaway! Enter me please =D

GFC Follower: Kellyta
Name: Raquel


Princesa Gr said...

gfc: PrincesaGr
email :
Name : Vasso!


Slađana Sušilović said...

I'm from Croatia.
GFC: sladana.susilovic

Slađana Sušilović said...

I'm from Croatia.
GFC: sladana.susilovic

Anonymous said...

Fantastic giveaway !I follow you on twitter

Catherine L said...

Hello from Ukraine ;) My name Catherine
gfc: Catherine L

Ellie B said...

My email is hope I win!!!! Love Ellie, btw the prizes are incredible!!
Ellie xxxx

Roxanne said...

Hello, Roxanne from Singapore! I blog at Email: :)

anastasia k said...

gfc:anastasia k
email:Helen Smith

Kat said...

I would love to win this giveaway! All the prizes look amazing~!

Arra Odeza said...

joined :) followed you

Arra Odeza

Adilac said...

Hi I'm adilac, my email is lcalida at GFC: adilac. Thanks a lot!:)

ashleymarie said...

Ashley Spaustat
GFC: Ashley Spaustat

Cara Howard said...

OMG Laura - thank you SO MUCH!!! I follow your blog via GFC, and if I win... I would def choose the Benefit prize pack! Thank you so much for your generosity!!!


daisygomez@gmail, com AWESOME! !! I REALLY hope I win :)

Sara said...

Great Giveaway!
Sara from Italy
GFC: Sara

Ari said...

Such an awesome giveaway!! I just love how you take care of your costumers! Thanks for everything :)

amora said...

Nyxx said...

:) thanks for the great giveaway!
chamberofnyxx (at)

Marian said...

Marian from Colorado, USA

With 3 daughters, 4 granddaughters, and a great granddaughter on the way....we LOVE makeup!!!

Dhesh said...

Great giveaway!

dheshreechetty at yahoo dot com

Denisa said...

I'm from Romania.

Denise F said...

Aloha from Hawaii! Mahalo for the giveaway!
email: petiteandsweetbtq(at)hotmail(dot)com
Follow via GFC: Denise F

JessyPooh87 said...

Vânia Vieira said...

Hi! From Portugal, my name is Vânia Vieira and my email is vaniav[at]

Thanks :)

Katherine said...

Great Giveaway!!

I follow via GFC

Anonymous said...

Great giveaway!!
I'm Nimeria,

timebomb. said...

Wooow cool :)

My Name is Isabell Henn from Germany. Email is:

xoxo <3

Aylin Leto said...

Wow I've never seen such a big and generous giveaway. Greetings from the Czech Republic :)

Jayden Elizabeth said...

I follow via GFC: Jayden Elizabeth!

Thanks for the giveaway!
Jayden Haviland : jaydenelizabethhaviland(at)

emma said...

Enter me please!!!
Fantastic giveaway.

Glossy Lala said...

GFC: Glossy Lala

Great GA!! xoxo

Jamie M said...

Hello I'm Jamie from US Canoga Park Ca,

Francesca said...

I'm from Italy! ;)
Entered *_*

GFC: Francesca

Thanks for the great giveaway! ;)

Federica said...

Amazing giveaway :D Enter me please!

GFC: Federica
E-mail: federicacossuu(at)gmail(dot)com

Silvia M. said...

Thanks a lot for the giveaway, hope to be lucky! :)
I'm Silvia M. on GFC
Greetings from Italy :) x

Vostra (Anna Wang) said...

Following you on GFC as Anna Wang
email address is annalwang at gmail dot com

Thanks for the giveaway, it's so lovely!

Wendy L. said...

I am from Canada and new to this site. I am amazed at how many different products you have to offer :) my email is Thank you for the opportunity to view your site ~ I'll be back!

stefanie gladden said...

awesome giveaway! thanks for the chance!
gfc - Stefanie Gladden

Katarzyna said...

GFC: Katarzyna

email: gogunia3(at)wp(dot)pl

thank you! :)

Carmela De Martino said...

Fantastic giveaway, I'm from Italy
Gfc Carmela De Martino

ioatsag said...

Thnx a lot !!awesome giveaway !!

L557 said...

Thanks for thi amazing giveaway :D

Le Emily said...

thank you for the giveaway!
name: Thuy Hang

Chona Gomba said...

I love this giveaway!

GFC Name: Chona Gomba
Name: Chona Gomba

Anonymous said...

Hi... im from Indonesia
GFC: naomi elisabet

thx for this giveaway :))


I love this giveaway ! Hope to win and be lucky !

Carmen said...

enter me
i m from Italy

gfc jasminem2004

la vale said...

enter me
google friend connect: la vale

Diana Ontong said...

WOW A Really nice gie away - Great
Diana Ontong

Mimy Shop said...

Fantastic giveaway, I'm from Romania
GFC Mimy Shop!/

Florinda said...

Awesome giveaway! *_*
I hope to win! ;)

I'm from Italy

Name: Florinda Fraccalvieri
GFC: floryfrancy
e-mail: floryfrancy[at]inwind[dot]it

Isaa said...

GFC: Isaa

Thank you :D

Michele Mascia said...

Nice giveaway.
GFC - Michele Mascia

theonly said...

hey! my name is Angela Ranucci
GFC: theonly
xx fingers crossed ;)

Samra Softic said...

Love it :)
GFC: Samra Softic

meowrina said...

Hello Laura! Thank you for the awesome giveaway and for your lovely blog.
I follow you via GFC as meowrina and my email is mkanukhina(at)gmail(dot)com :)

Ashley Rexrode said...

Thanks for the giveaway. I follow with gfc as adriannasmommy26

Karin said...

WOW what an amazing group of prizes, as well as an amazing blog. Happy to have found you :) email- Karin Dollery

Endless Summer said...

Thanks for the great giveaway! I hope I win!
I am your follower via GFC /Endless Summer/

queen-of-pain at yandex dot com

Anonymous said...

My friends keep telling me I should wear make up more often than once a year!

Femme Luv said...
I hope I win.

Maegan Morin said...

Amazing prizes! Thanks for the fabulous giveaway! I follow you on GFC (same name)

megnate at telus dot net

Christina Ferguson said...

Thanks so much for the fabulous giveaway. I have followed you on GFC/Dillysdoll. My Email is

Montse PM said...

Thank you so much! :)
I follow you as Montse PM

Denise F said...

Follow GFC: Denise F
Email: Petiteandsweetbtq(at)hotmail(dot)com

rod said...

You certainly are offering some great prizes > rodney stone >

Anonymous said...

pick me! pick me!

babalisme said...

whoaaaa thank you for the chance!! fingers crossed.

GFC : babalisme

Christina Dragan said...

how awesome!
GFC: Christina Dragan
email: christina(dot)dragan(at)hotmail(dot)com

Chizuru said...

Woaaahh! Thank you for the giveaway~ :3
GFC: Chizuru

sonia said...

partecipo dall'Italia
gfc. s.brandolone

ony said...

enter me darling :* from Romania

Audrey18 said...

I'm from Italy!!! ^_^
GFC Audrey18

Saffy said...

Amazing giveaway!
Following through GFC

ViolaMoni said...

awesome giveaway!! TY!

Erica F said...

Awesome giveaway!
Erica Frank

Colleen Boudreau said...

Name/GFC: Colleen Boudreau
Email: holliister at gmail dot com

Thank you! :)

Celena Clause said...

I followed your blog by subsribing to the newsletter :)
Celena Clause

Nin said...

Lovely giveaway! <3
Jan Olman (GFC username)
janina (dot) manalo (at) gmail (dot) com


Amanda said...

My name is amanda, following you through gfc and my email is sweetlikecandy1688 at gmail dot com

Ana Rita Marques said...

Ana Rita Marques

Amy Martin said...

Amy Martin

Szappanbubi said...

Superrr-fantastic prizes! and congrats :)

Szabina Luzics
porcukorborso at gmail dot com
GFC: Szappanbubi


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the chance!
Renata S (follow via GFC)
alifeamingbooks [at] gmail [dot] com

MistyRios said...

Wow Great Giveaway!
I follow you via GFC as Misty Rios

Helena Oops said...

Thank you for this great giveaway!
Love from Tunisia! (even if I m half Finnish)
My name:Soraya Helena Ben Othman
GFC:Helena oops
Suscribed on
Have a fab weekend!

Arina febianca said...

I am from Indonesia
my name is arina
Email :
Wish me luck ^^

Surso S. said...

thanks for the giveaway

Paul Sousa from canada

Lexcie Lz said...

Thais M. said...

Love from Brazil!

GFC: Thais Magalhães

Sofia Braga said...

thanks for the great offer

GFC: Sofia Braga

Tasha-Ann Torres said...

Hi, my email is
Following you via GFC as Tasha-Ann Torres
Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

Olga S said...

Enter me!

Adrianne B said...

I am following your blog via GFC as Adrianne B. Oh, how I adore Benefit! Fingers crossed ;)

férial férry said...

Thanks for this giveaway

Leah said...

Awesome prizes! Thanks for the giveaway. :)


Alice Beerland said...

wow!! Great giveaway!! I checked out your store, so tempting!

following you via gfc as Alice Beerland
email: fanouria20(at)hotmail(dot)com

Bianca said...

Anonymous said...

love to look awesome

Anonymous said...

i love your shop! :)

Katrin Berghöfer

BarbieXanax said...

Marta from Italy
GFC: Barbiexanax

Antonella Rugoso said...

WOWHH!! my emmail:

Kelly Yeoh said...

Wow :D

ria roy said...

hi. i am from india. this is my first entry in a giveaway.any makeup lover will love those products you are giving away i guess :) till now i have very much limited collection of i really want to win that giveway. but its already flooding with comments so dont even know you will read this comment or not :) (i dont expect to win or trust my luck either.still pretty much exited ) and best wishes for your blog :)

Lena N. said...

This is another great giveaway!!!
Following you as Lena N.

Natasha K said...


great giveaway!!!!!!

Kasienka83 said...

Hello from Czech Republic. Godd luck for all of us :o)

María Benito said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Diana said...



rocio said...

Many thanks


xAnoukx said...

Amazing giveaway, thanks!.


Fefy said...

GFC: Fefy
mail: pulcina AT gmail DOT com

Kanika Jain said...

hey! such a nice giveaway :)
gfc: Kanika Jain
email id:

Cry Baby (Poti´s Obsession) said...

Thanks,great giveaway!!!


chlorophilie said...

looong way down already : )
Thanks so much for the great giveaway, and greetings from Germany
Followed you only via Newsletter so far but now i also joined via GFC and bloglovin - I guess under the name Hannelore Meisenei?

Elena said...

great job, i've just received my last order. sure i will repeat. from

L'Adrienn said...

Followed you via GFC: Adrienn luzicsadri

Name: Adrienn Luzics

email: barienn

Bar- BeautySaleBlog said...

Thanks for the great giveway!
Edit from Manchester.
barindustries at gmail dot com

Lauren B said...

Would love to win!!

Filipa Tavares said...

Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

Erin Fahey said...

Lovely giveaway. I'm from Ireland.
I follow via GFC as Erin Fahey.

409cope said...

I follow through GFC as 409cope.
I am from Canada.

ivetteeexo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely giveaway! I follow via GFC from Canada!
contestcryss at gmail dot com

Molly Lyon said...

Following via GFC! My mail is

Molly x

Umi Mohamed said...

I love your blog sooo much!

-Umi Mohamed

Ines Benali said...

I followed you! please enter me!
Ines Benali

chelsea said...

Ines Obradović

GFC: Ines Obradović

Ellie B said...

Ellie B

Fingers crossed. Good luck to everyone!!

Gynela said...

Followed you via Newsletter and also joined via GFC Eugenia Nitu

Birgit said...

Thanks for this amazing chance!
Birgit, from Austria :-)
GFC follower
danaan at gmx dot at

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the chance an awesome prizes :)
Stephanie Grant
GFC: Stephanie

Pallavi Kumar said...

hi i m pallavi from India. i m totally new to makeup nd dis is my first entry in an internional giveaway.. prizes are amazing.. finger crossed..

Bianca Rogoveanu said...

Hi ! I follow you via GFC : Bianca Rogoveanu
my e-mail :

Eoudia said...

Lovely prizes to win. My name is Eoudia Chadinha and my e-mail address is
Thank you.

fashuneesta said...

Thanks so much for the giveaway! I follow via GFC as malkatz.

malletkatz at yahoo dot com

Ana Georgievska said...

Amazing giveaway,thanx

William Wilson said...

This would THRILL my 3 daughters !!!

dreamer said...

GFC: quinieleong

hope to win this especially the 1st prize!:P

CaseyB said...

Lovely giveaway, I'm following via GFC.

hueleacoco said...

Hi!! Enter me, please!

♥GFC: hueleacoco
♥Email: hueleacoco(@)


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