Thursday, 19 August 2010

Urban Decay in stock!!

Well it arrived yesterday and ive just finished listing my order, i have not had time to try the 8 things i kept myself yet, but will take some pics and write about them tom, So heres a list of what came,
urban rocks,
Urban Fx,
Pocket rocket,
Eye pencil,
Glitter eye gel,
Heavy Metal box set,
Feisty kitten lip palette,
Deluxe eyeshadows,
Big buddaha brush,
Best of urban gift set,
xxx shine stash gift set,
Lip envy,
Lip liners,
Baked body glow,
Lip balm,
Liquid eyeliner,
Cream eyeshadow.

Also Decleor cleansing cream rrp £40, Bourjois elastic mascara, rimmel 123 look mascara, Benefit cream eyeshadows 2 shades.
So has anyone tried any of these? i can not wait to try my things!! just hope the partner takes me somewhere special -hint hint as hes standing right behind me!
Thanks for the comments and the TEN followers Thanks so much!!
Next week i will be giving away some free stuff to some of my followers not sure how this will work or what prizes yet, as im new to all this, i will have to google it... any ideas let me know??
Right better go get dressed as its 4.35 and im still in my pyjamas!
thats the great thing about working from home though, i can stay in them all day and noone knows....
that is of course until i mention it on my blog!!!!
gosh i am such a slob!

take care thanks!!


Kerry said...

Have you thought about selling the Urban Decay Primer potion online? Because I would defenitly buy it! But they don't sell it here(in Belgium), and shipping is always so overpriced...

Anonymous said...

SWEET!! Cant wait to see everything love Urban Decay its cool makeup! Oh and go you for the PJS i work in a school so have the summer off n lived in my Pjs until well after 3 o clock everyday! I love it! :) Hope you get taken out hint hint boyfriends if you're reading this :)

cosmetics-skincare said...

Hi, yes i did stock the primer potion but its really hard to get hold of as its there best selling product, i use it myself its fab! i will keep a look out though, thanks

Well hes not took the hint...mind you ive been hinting for about 6 months and hes still not taken me out!! I think its time i traded him in.... in fact i might use him for one of the prizes, so if anyone wants him let me know!!!

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