Thursday, 29 September 2011

New Arrivals

Honey Bunny
Sippin' n Dippin'
Samba-dy Loves Me
Benetint Mini
Confessions Of A Concealaholic
High Beam
Smokin Eyes Kit
Bum Deal
Dr. Feelgood
You Rebel
Studio Fix Powder NC20
Revlon Golden affair Sculpting Blushers,
Shimmering Liquid Eyeshadow
Rouge Hi.Tech Liptints

Thanks very much for looking!!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Free Gifts!

Free Gifts

Unfortunately the free gifts have now ended, but i will continue them again on the run up to Christmas.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Thanks for all the lovely messages regarding my dog she will be sadley missed, its worse as she was so young and we also have her sister and i was very concerned how she would be but she seams fine, luckily we have other dogs to occupy her. 
Anyway we had the best holiday ever we went to club ali bay in turkey and it was amazing!! We have been quite a few different places and this was out first holiday in turkey and the hotel was probably by far the best.
The night time entertainment was amazing the shows were like the theatre every night except one or two but they were still great. There were shows such as beauty & the beast, the lion king, tarzon, the little mermaid, jackal & hyde and so on...The waterpark was fantastic and only a few minutes walk from our room, the cocktails were amazing, im sure i had my moneys worth... we will defiantly be returning soon..
My son Ceiron was even in one of the shows

I must say he makes a really good devil!! I was so proud, he was so nervous as there were so many people watching but all the children were amazing. When they had finished as they walked from the stage all the guests were given sparklers to hold, i will remember it forever.

Heres Ceiron at the waterpark, he was amazed and so brave, i would not have these on my head!!

One of the fantastic pool bar staff made ceiron a cocktail to remember..
Beauty & The Beast Show.
Ceiron on the beach with a monkey

At the waterpark on the hotel.

I just had to mention this guy, they had a candyfloss, lolly pop and popcorn truck at the hotel and he worked there, he is just the nicest lad, Ceiron wanted to take him and his truck home with us, he could not speak hardly any english but everyday made my lad laugh so much. Hopefully he will be there next year!!

I could go on and on with my pictures, when i uploaded them i could not believe i had took 264 photos, everything was just so amazing but i wont bore you with anymore...

I will leave by saying thanks so much to all my customers, i have had so many messages wishing me a happy holiday and it means so much thanks

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Back from holiday!

Hi, im sorry for the delay opening my store, i have had a few problems on my return and also one of our dogs had died, anyway i will pot more tomorrow and reply to all messages tomorrow, im sorry for the delay,
 thanks xx

Thursday, 1 September 2011


My shop is now closed until Saturaday the 17th September for my holidays.
Im sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
All messages will be replied to as soon as possible on my return.
Thanks so much to all my customers who have wished me a happy holiday..
 thanks a million
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