Sunday, 2 February 2014

Valentines Giveaway!

I thought it was about time to hold a giveaway and what better time than over valentines day!
Its always hard choosing prizes with so many items in stock at
So I've chosen some of my personal best newest arrivals I really hope you like them x

1st Prize Clinique Compact Colour Palette

2nd Prize St Tropez Bronzing Mist

3rd Prize Max Factor False Lash Mascara

Anyone can enter the only condition is you follow my blog and leave a comment below leaving either your name (recommended) or email address and I will pick 3 winners by on the 20th Feb, due to me booking a last minute short break i will now be picking the winners on the 24th Feb Thanks 
 Good luck


Birgit said...

Ohhh these are better than candy and flowers! :-)
Following you on GFC
danaan at gmx dot at

silviabia said...

Thanks for the giveaway!!

Montse PM said...

Love them!
I follow you as Montse PM

JessyPooh87 said...

Jessica Hamilton

estelblau said...

Thanks for the giveaway!
I follow you as estelblau

Mar said...


Mary Jo said...

I want to enter!!

GFC: Mary Jo
mail: mariajo81(at)gmail(dot)com

Thanks for the giveaway!

radmilamila said...

hi, i am already your follower - Radmila via bloglovin. Thanks, Radmila,

pinksuzanne said...

I love makeup products in giveaways. suzanne dot giroux at gmail dot com

jayne said...

lovely :)

Wendy Lange said...

Thanks for the giveaway!
Following by GFC: Wendy Lange

Alice D. said...

Happy Valentine!!
Great chance, thanks a lot for this<3
Alice D. (GFC)

Irina G. said...

Thanks for the giveaway!
Following via GFC as Irina Gnatiuk

Winda said...

Please enter me :)

GFC: winda

msevilla said...

Encantada de participar.
Maite S.P.
Nick: msevilla

xAnoukx said...

gfc xanoukx
mail afroditamm at msn dot com

airuN said...

Nick: airuN

hueleacoco said...

Hi, enter me, please!

♥Nick blogger: hueleacoco
♥Name: Elena Mesa
♥Email: hueleacoco(@)


Thais Magalhães said...

Nick: Thais Magalhães

Alice Beerland said...

Such great prizes!!! I follow you via gfc as Alice Beerland.

email: fanouria20(at)hotmail(dot)com

Nisha Pandey said...

Thanks for the giveaway

*****NaLiS***** said...

Thanks for the giveaway :D I follow you as Nalis, and my email is:

filinka1986 said...

thank you, lovely!!!

ninfaa6 said...

Thankd, I want to enter :) my name is Marta.

claire s said...

what a brilliant giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win!
claire stephen

valenda said...

Hi, thanks for the giveaway ;)
I follow you as val enda

Shey said...

Thank you for the giveaway!! :)
Sheila Oller

Anonymous said...

hello, thank you for your fab giveaway. love your page. can you please enter me baljit sukheja,

Elisa Difino said...

Followed through GFC :)
Thanks for the giveaway and have a wonderful and relaxing break!

Beauty and others said...

Nicoleta Alexandra Badea

meowrina said...

hello there!
i follow you as meowrina on GFC

Divya Asha said...

Following your blog via GFC. My GFC name is Divya Asha.
My email is

Anonymous said...

Isa Val said...

wow, thanks!
Fb/bloglovin/pinterest: Cogito Ergosum
Gfc: Isa Val
Twitter: @luvalz

myriam bén nsir said...

name : Myriam Bén Ncir
email :
i followed via GFC, username : myriam bén nsir

Fleurette said...
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Joana da Silva said...

Thanks for the giveaway!!
GFC: Joana da Silva

Aegeane Mikka Brioso said...

Aegeane Mikka Brioso
Already followed you sweetie via GFC - Aegeane Mikka Brioso
thank you!

Irma Wati said...

Following your blog via GFC.
My GFC : Irma Wati
Email :

Alina Ionescu said...

GFC name :Alina Ionescu

נעמה שלום said...

Thank you for this great giveaway.

GFC Name: נעמה שלום (Naama Shalom)


Florinda said...

Entered! Thank you for the giveaway! :)
GFC: floryfrancy
FB: Florinda Fraccalvieri

e-mail: floryfrancy[at]inwind[dot]it

hegles said...

gfc: hegles

if you want follow me :*

Loris Ayoub said...

I follow GFC Loris AYoub
Thanks for the opportunity I really like Clinique

CosmeticCrazy said...

Nice, thank you!
GFC: CosmeticCrazy

Vânia Vieira said...

Vânia Vieira

Bianca Rogoveanu said...

Bianca Rogoveanu

Flavia Alves said...

Following you on GFC.
GFC name: Flávia Alves

Annie1 said...

I follow you via GFC as Anne and also I'm subscribed to your newsletter!
Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

nancyrobster at gmail dot com

Snigdha Prusti said...

Hey follow your blog through GFC by name - Snigdha Prusti
email id:

wish to win..

Asia said...

GFC: divinite

Patrícia M. said...

I'm following you as Patrícia M. on gfc.

Yueh Ying Lin said...

Truth be told if I win, I wouldn't use it. I have a 2 daughters, aged 12 and 14. You're so lucky that you have a boy, don't need to worry about boyfriends, etc. :P.

kaysea said...

Great giveaway! ^^
Kathryn Flores
GFC: kaysea

simona said...

entered !!! fb Simona Dotsika
gfc smpyrrr

Xandra said...

Thank you for this lovely giveaway!
GFC: Xandra
FB: Alexandra Ileana Cerbanic

anastasia k said...

GFC:anastasia k

L557 said...

Thank you for this opportunity *-*

GFC: L557

Sofia Vasileiadou said...

Perfect Giveaway!!!!
GFC:Sofia Vasileiadou

Rita Costa said...

Thanks for this giveaway! My e-mail is and my GFC name is Rita Costa. xx :)

Vicki Shaw said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Vicki Shaw

Puspita Sari said...

Entered, Thanks you :) i love this Giveaway ^^
GFC : Puspita Sari
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Anonymous said...

amazing GiveAway :).. fingers Crossed...
GFC : Ramya J
Email Id :

Ehara Poetry said...

wow,,this is valantine gift i ever need,,hahaha
I follow your blog dear :-) my email:

Gianna Barney Katal said...

Great giveaway! Thanks!
Gfc: Gianna Barney Katal

Judy Thomas said...

Awesome Giveaway! I follow by GFC: judith thomas
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Judy Thomas

Helena Oops said...

Thank you for this beautiful giveaway!
Im allready following you with pleasure:
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Crossed fingers!
Have a fab sunday!

livingbelowtheclouds said...

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Antonietta Di Marino said...

Entered, Thanks
GFC: Antonietta Di Marino

Petra Black said...

This is the best Valentine's day gift :)

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Andjela Nikezic said...

Sunshine Ybarra said...

Sunshine Ybarra

Andy Diki said...

Thank you so much for the great giveaway!!
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milù bijoux said...

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Tiana Ba said...

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maekika said...

Great products!
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IngerFaraHarpa said...

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Martina Avolio said...

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Andreia Gomes said...

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Oksana V. said...

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Thank you for the chance!


Chicca said...

Great giveaway!
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Krizia Almiranez said...

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Lulu said...

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eunna.chae said...

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dorofte alexandra said...

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Liza Chan said...

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LadyV said...

Great prizes! thanks for the giveaway!

Carla Antognoni said...

gfc Carla Antognoni

Yueh Ying Lin said...

I'm subscribe by GFC and email.
BTW: Have a frabjous day (Through the Looking Glass)

Srna Kulik said...

GFC: Srna kulik

Katarzyna said...

GFC follower - Katarzyna
email: gogunia3(at)wp(dot)pl

thank you!

Antonella Togato said...

Thanks for the giveaway!
Following via GFC as antonella togato

Violette Vanmoriel said...

following on gfc: violette vanmoriel

Celena Clause said...

GFC: Celena Clause :)

dora trani said...

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Damla said...

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LadyCrissola said...

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Colleen Boudreau (collifornia) said...
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kesang said...

thank you
GFC kesang drema

Natalie Yeoman said...

i followed with gfc thanks for the giveaway my email is

BlackAsphodel said...

GFC: Black Asphodel

Riffat Saeed said...

Thanks for lovely giveaway!
Love this palette :) All prizes are awesome.
Riffat Saeed


rosana said...

seguidora rosana

Bonnie Erika said...

I follow on GFC (Bonnie Erika) email:

Cristina said...

Super giveaway, thanks!
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Colleen Boudreau (collifornia) said...

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alina hurmuz said...

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smarandache daniela said...

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Gabrielle Agatha said...

Thank you for this lovely giveaway! :D
I already fulfil the requirements :D
Hope I can win, I wanna win this beauty products..
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Paty pulido said...

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Marisa Ferreira said...

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Angie said...

I'm following on GFC as rennieangie at gmail dot com. Thanks for the chance!

Christy DuBois said...

I follow via email. I am Christy DuBois. Email address Thanks for the giveaway.

Evgeniya Retskaya said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

gfc trillina palemi

Jenn Aikens said...

thanks for the chance to win! -

CAT said...

So nice of you to offer this giveaway.
I follow you - taughtbyjah @ gmail .com

Laura West said...

Follow by GFC, same name.
Thanks for the chance to win!

Ria Alemina Ginting Manik said...

I would love to win this for my Valentine's gift! LOL
Thx, sweet, for this nice giveaway! XD

I follow you on GFC : Ria Alemina Ginting Manik
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Maya said...

Thanks for the great giveaway!
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Jemima said...

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Thank you and have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

I would love to win ♥
♥ xoxo ♥
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Kimberly Tiu said...

joining! :)

GFC: Kimberly Camille Tiu

Trenda Tillson said...

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Liezel Salem said...

Liezel Salem

kehrin morales said...

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Vildan akdoğan said...

Vildan Akdoğan

Iris D said...

Nice giveaway!:) I follow you on GFC:Iris D. My mail is and my name is Zornitza Dotzeva! Good luck everyone!:)

Anonymous said...

caryn morales

jc said...

A girl can never have enough goodies!!

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Alexandra said...

Name: Alexandra Cîrlea
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gmgm said...

Name: Gizela Mota

Andreia Santos said...

Thank's for giveaway!
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Zhe Yhi said...

Thank you so much!
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Alex said...

Thank you!!!
Alex Nikolaidou

Samra Softic said...
GFC: Samra Softic :)

Baldassare Sanfilippo said...

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Livia Damn said...

I'm following you!
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Ilaria Falco said...

Thanks for the giveaway!!
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Plesa Maria said...
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Kristina Vallaste said...

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Svetlana L said...

Hey;) I follow on GFC - Svetlana L
Thanks for this giveaway :)

Svetlana L said...

I follow you on GFC as Svetlana L
Thanks for this giveaway :)

Endless Summer said...

I am already your follower via GFC /Endless Summer/

Elena Rudaya
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Holly Wright said...

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annamaria f said...

Great Giveaway!!
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Laura Alboiu said...

Thanks for the oportunity!
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Rhonda said...

I follow on GFC via Rhonda Greig...What wonderful products!!! Thankyou

Veronica Murroni said...

Veronica Murroni

Karina Francheska Velasco said...

Karina Velasco

Thank you for the fabulous giveaway! <3 More power!

Rowena Velasco said...

Rowena Velasco

Marie Diane Acierto said...

oh! thank you for this!
Marie Diane Acierto

skii_gurl95 said...

GFC: skii_gurl95

Larysa Y said...

Grazie per il giveaway!

T Iv. said...

Tina Ivanisevic

Jana said...

Hello! I love your choice of items for the giveaway. Lush. :) I followed you on GFC (Jana Ristic) and I subscribed to your newsletter (email: risticjana[at]

tamalyn said...

lovely competition, i follow you on GFC as tamalyn roberts

Anonymous said...

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Slađana Sušilović said...

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Valerie said...

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Rhoda said...

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Anonymous said...


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Thank you

christinayanggg said...

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KFleming said...

I follow your blog via GFC as Kathy Fleming
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Style and Glow said...

GFC: Style and Glow
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Rose Borah said...

Rose Borah

sara rai said...

Thank you so much!
sara rai

rosewendy said...

I am a GFC follower. Love that clinique color palette.

Shandie Valdez said...

Shandie Valdez

Sara Cehennemden said...

Sara Cehennemden

Sherry86 said...

Thanks so Much :D finger crossed

Lucia Izzo/Sherry86

Anonymous said...

Daniella Britt :)

Niharika Gautam said...

Thanks for the fabulous giveaway.
Love & wishes from India xoxo
GFC- Niharika

Aldina Rafael said...

Thank youuu

Aldina Rafael

Jay said...

Following through GFC!


Kase Hicks said... thanks for the giveaway. Cant wait!

Hana's Clay said...

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thank you for this amazing giveaway!:D

banks_family_5 said...

Awesome giveaway!
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KEVAMAR said...

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Juliana Rodrigues said...

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Djah Ganjubasov said...

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Anonymous said...

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