Monday, 16 August 2010

Hi and welcome to my blog!!

Well here is my blog- loads of people have said i should write one but to be honest i haven't got a clue- so i googled it how to write a blog? and this is what it came up with!!
I dont want this to be all about my shop, so i will comment on other products i try or wish to try. Any comments would be greatly appreciated good or bad, as i will only try to improve. If there are any products you wish me to stock or any brands you would like to see more of please let me know.
I apologise in advance for any spelling mistakes i really should have gone to school more..
Anyway theres one product i really have to mention (and no i dont stock it in my shop YET unfortunately.) Urban Decay Stardust..
I just love a sparkle -my pink sparkly car says it all, i just really need to learn to drive.. but anyway a bit pricey at £13.50 available in 9 shades but worth every penny- and i love them all.

Space Cowboy

This is the shade i finally settled on much to the joy of my partner (lets call him grumpy bear) after standing a good 15 mins sampling each shade, i decided on this one, and i love it it really does sparkle all day, i used my benefit high brow which i can not live without and this shadow it was stunning, i really must take a trip back to boots for a the further 8 shades..

The next purchase i made again Urban Decay Summer of Love Nail Varnish set, now these nail varnishes are a smaller size but honestly when can you ever say you have used a full bottle of varnish, i never run out as i have so many shades.. So these are fab value i think at £17 for 7 one for every day of the week, i applied the pink and only one application later my nails were ready to go!!  A bargain!! love it! Im having a large range of Urban Decay in tomorrow as mentioned, unfortunately not the above but still some amazing stuff, im bound to keep one or two maybe ten or more items if im honest, so i will let you know what i think when they are finally in my make up stash where they belong..   have you tried any Urban Decay please let me know your thoughts.
anyway thats it for now please get in touch with any comments about the blog, products or my shop, and thanks so much to all my customers, without you i would not be where i am now with a ever bulging makeup supply. Thanks..

And a quick mention to all the blogs you have done thanks so much your time is much appreciated.
And to all my Spanish customers thanks for you kind messages you always make me smile..
Take care
If youd like to visit my shop please use this link, thanks


Samantha said...

I love Urban Decay

cosmetics-skincare said...

hi thanks for getting in touch, i love it too im so excited waiting for mr posty.. lol.. thanks for getting in touch

Kerry said...

I just orderd from your website like 3 hours ago maybe. And I'm totally hooked already. I can't believe the wonderfull stuff you sell, and for such great prices! Even the shippingrates to Europe is so good. Definitly going to order more stuff soon.

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