Saturday, 21 August 2010

Mac!! Urban Decay!!

A very special thanks to my 16 followers!

Well my mate/supplier (mate firstly of course) has sent me some mac... shes a star, she knows how much i love mac and sometimes mr posty brings me some presents from her....
shes lovely,,
I dont know if she will read this as ive not told any of my mates im doing a blog (but of course if she looks on my shop she will see), i thought i would not tell them, so peoples comments were real and fair or else they would all be on here saying what a fab shop i had!!!
Anyway some pictures of what she sent me

Mac Eyeshadow Love to Love
Mac Dare to wear lipglass Dare to Dare

Mac Opulash Mascara

Mac tinted lip conditioner Fuchsia fix
And oh my god they are fab the eyeshadows are so my shades, the mascara is lengthening, thickening, stunning, staying, i could go on and on! The lip balm is conditioning with a hint of pink, the lipgloss is as sparkly as my car, tastes good enough to eat and glides on like silk..
So again i am chuffed, ive had urban decay and mac (unfortunately not the above) this week and im defo loving it!
Oh and shoes, ive got a bit of a shoe problem, i never really go out anywhere so i dont know why but ive got a expensive habit of buying shoes that i just can not walk in.. or if i can walk in them, buying them in every shade, so anyway i had a pair this week (£100) dont tell the
I love them even though i can not manage to close the zip fully yet!!! i have also have these in black and purple.. its got nothing to do with beauty but oh well!!

Right im off now, have a good weekend everyone!! thanks


Anonymous said...

i love mac eyeshadow love to love. thanks to show us.

sorry for my english.

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