Tuesday, 26 February 2013

New Arrivals

Urban Decay

Nail varnishes are uk only due to the postage rule regarding flammable items, thanks

Last night when id finished work i settled down with a glass of wine and decided to try the essence nail varnishes. Firstly i painted the nails with show off nail colour, Which was surprising shimmery and stunning after just 1 coat. Then i used the black tip to create pattens, followed by a rimmel glitter top coat, My nails are not the best and are really quite short, it was my first time with the nail tip varnish and i think with practice you could achieve a really great pattern, instead of my boring stripped one... 
Also if you are interested in entering there is a giveaway on the blog below.
Thanks for reading and thanks for all your lovely reviews and messages left this week, my shop means the world to me and your lovely messages really do make my day,
thanks so much


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