Thursday, 11 August 2011

New arrivals and Free Gifts!!

Sale extended
I am extending the sale until i go on my holidays hopefully at the end of august. I will post a note on my blog with the details as soon as ive booked. My shop will be closed during this time im sorry for any inconvenience this will cause..
New Arrivals
Plum Dressing
Deep Truth
Beauty Marked
Mineralize Blush- Dainty
Skinfinish Medium
Benetint mini
A girls good name makeup bag
A misfit like me.

Free Gifts

For all orders £10 and over free playboy tester eyeshadow girls night out

Orders £20 and over free playboy tester between the sheets + above.
Orders £30 and above free playboy tester shimmer brick pink + one of each from above. 
Orders £50 and above free playboy ms playboy lipgloss + one of each from above.


Madlen said...

when are you coming back from your holiday?

cosmetics-skincare said...

Hi, ive not booked it yet, im looking to get a late deal, as soon as i have a will post full details, thanks a million x

Dariaa said...

hey :D i heard that you have some affiliate program for the site . is true ? where i can find the rules :D ? thank you and have a nice holiday:D

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