Thursday, 23 June 2011

Benefit Just Arrived!

You clean up nice face wash.
Bad Gal Mascaras.
That Gal Face Primer.
F.y...eye Eyeshadow Base.
All You Need Is Gloss.
Depuffing Action Eye Gel.
Dear john Face Cream.
Lipsticks- passionista
Guilt Free.
Fruit Cocktail.
Satin Snap.
Creaseless Cream eyeshadow- Honey Bunny.
Sippin 'N' dippin.
Samba-Dy Loves Me.
Shimmer Shimmer shake Sets.
Bad Gal Eye Pencils.
There is some other items but there is only one or two so i wont list them here to prevent problems with my stock count..
Thanks for looking


Lucia said...

Cool! I don't see Hoola on the site though, and I really want that one :p

cosmetics-skincare said...

hi, if you type hoola in the search it should bring it up, any problems please let me know, thanks laura

Lucia said...

Ahh, I didn't think of that :)). Thanks a lot! Can you save one for me please? I'll place the order tomorrow, because i have to go to the bank and deposit some money on my credit card. Thanks!

Btw, I've received my MAC eyeshadow, will blog about them verry soon. <3

cosmetics-skincare said...

hi, no problem i will save one for you thanks so much xx

Lucia said...

Thanks Laura! I've already order it, so it's ok now :D. Can't wait to receive it ^_^.


Erisisari2007 said...

I've left a message on the website please answer me.

cosmetics-skincare said...

hi, can you sent it again i dont know what it was? also can i have your email address so i can check through my emails? thanks laura

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