Thursday, 17 March 2011


Mac just arrived!!
Well Dressed.
Mineralize Blush
Warm Soul
100 Strokes.
Creme De Violet.
Rice Paper.
There are a few more eyeshadows, but i wont list them here incase i have problems with my stock count as there is only a few of each. It can cause problems if two people add them to there basket at the same time.
Thanks so much for looking


AnnDee said...

Oh, great, you changed the default view in your shop! I like it MUCH better to have the items in "list" view and 20 items per page! Great!

If I may make some wishes ;-) I'd like to have some more Bobbi Brown and Clarins stuff (especially eyeshadows and lipsticks)

cosmetics-skincare said...

Hi, very glad you like it, i will defo try to get more clarins and bobbi brown thanks so much for getting in touch, thanks

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