Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Category changes!!

I have now completed the category changes, at last about 17 hours its taken me..can not believe it!! im just finishing adding the pictures now. Hopefully its better let me know what you think. And if you see any mistakes id be grateful if you could let me know, as i was doing it last night with a few glasses of wine!!
Thanks for your comments i will look out for the items mentioned. Right better get some more work done, thanks for getting in touch


Lizzy said...

Oh, nice! Makes it much easier to find what I look for! Thanks a lot for this change!!

AnnDee said...

I'm sorry, that you had this shi*load of work to do :-(
But now I found so many things that I haven't found before :-O It's just great, thanks :-)

cosmetics-skincare said...

Hi, dont be sorry mate i LOVE work honestly i do, (if i had to choose between work or spending time with my fellow i would defo choose work!) how sad am i?? Anything that makes my shop better i will always do, if you have any further suggestions now or in the future please let me know..thanks xx

Becky said...

You did a great job!
Just a couple of things: Instead of Clarins, you wrote "Clairns" (^_^)

And...what's "assorories"?

cosmetics-skincare said...

thanks for that i have changed them now, i was going to blame it on the wine but i think i did that this morning...so no excuse really.. lol thanks allot

Lena N. said...

Oh this is great!!! It's the first thing I thought the first time I visited your shop! This makes everything so much easier, well done:)

Jenny del Castillo said...

I love the new organization! And thanks so much for taking our suggestions and hear them :)

AnnDee said...

I actually DO have another suggestion - but this isn't about the shop as such ;-)

I just realized, that I'd really like to have the MAC "Motif" and "Club" eyeshadows - so if you happen to see them the next time you do the shopping for your shop, I'd be VERY happy, if you could take them, too :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello, did you check whether the pictures you used are free for commercial use?

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