Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year

Firstly happy new year to all my customers, if i have not already replied to your messages i will do so today.

Some of you may have noticed that made a mistake on my blog saying that all christmas orders would be posted today, but its bank holiday so the post office is closed, so i will post them first thing tomorrow. Sorry about that.

I have had such a brilliant christmas my lad is at his aunties today so i can get some work done. He has had so many toys ive got a man coming tomorrow to look at converting the garage into a playroom.
Honestly theres lego in my living room & dinning room on the floor and on tables. The thing is once hes built them he darent not touch them as they fall apart!! then he gets very mad and of course its usually always my fault.. i may need to superglue them i think.
Anyway i will go to get my work done thanks for all the orders and lovely messages.
You will keep me very busy..


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