Friday, 29 October 2010

New Arrivals

So sorry if there has been a delay in replying to any messages, i have been so unwell and have really been struggling with my shop as its been so busy!!
Anyway i have had some new arrivals! There is not many of each some there is only one of, so if you go on my shop and its gone its already been sold!!
Smokin Eyes Kit.
Erase Paste.
Eye Bright.
Brow Zings.
You Rebel.
Some Kind Of Gorgeous.
Big Beautiful Eyes Kit.
Honey Snap Out Of It Scrub.
Glitz Glam & Gloss.
Bad Gal Liner.
Molton Brown
Amino-Therapy Eye Treatment.
Skin Defence Daily Protection.
Natural Skin Radiance.

Thanks so much for reading, im off to feel mighty sorry for myself, and play lego with the little man!!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

New arrivals MAC

Heres some new arrivals and back in stocks!!
Mac lipglass Early Bloomer.
Mac Lipglass Elaborate.
Mac Lipglass Factory Mode.
Mac Lipglass Languish.
Mac Lipglass Luxuriate.
Mad Lipglass Mad Cap.
Mac Lipglass Pink Clash.
Studio Fix NC30
Studio Fix NW45
Studio Fix C4
Eyeshadow Contrast.
Eyeshadow Naked Lunch.
Eyeshadow Saddle.

Sorry i have not been leaving many posts i will do very soon, my shop has been very busy this last couple of weeks, not that im complaining!!

Saturday, 9 October 2010


New Arrivals Mac

Tendertone lip balm Purring.
Tendertone lip balm Tender Baby.
Tendertone lip balm Take a hint.
Tendertone lip balm Shush!
Eyeshadow Saturnal.
Eyeshadow Aquavert.
Eyeshadow Stars 'N' Rockets.
Eyeshadow Fig.1
Eyeshadow falling Star.
Eyeshadow Knight Divine.
Eyeshadow Refill Stars 'N' Rockets.
Pigment Frost.
Blushcreme Cherche.
Nail Polish Frolick.
Nail Laquer Steamy.
Nail Lacquer Air De Pink.
Frost Lipstick Angeldish.
Chromeglass Pinkocasy.
Plushglass Oversexed.
Glitter Eyeliner Wonderwhite.
Powderpoint Eye Liner Gilded White.
Eye Kohl Lichen.
Eye Brows Pencil Fling.
Lip Pencil Nightmoth.
Eye Pencil Ebony.
Cremestick Pearl Liner Sweet Brown.
There is only a few of each some there is only 1 of there was more but i have kept about 25 pieces myself for my holls.. thanks for looking..

Thursday, 7 October 2010


Just a quick post to say i have booked my holiday for the 12th November untill the 26th. My store will be closed from 12.00am 11th November and reopen on the 27th November. This will not affect any orders made before, i just wanted to let people know in case they wished to order before i went away. All orders made on the 11th Nov before 12am will be posted the same day.
Hope that all makes sense.

Monday, 4 October 2010

New Arrivals, holiday, diet!

Well im just about to book 2 weeks to Egypt in November, i will leave notices on my blog and shop as the shop will be closed while im away, ive been away before and left people doing my shop and lets say it did not go well!! Anyway Ive put that much weight on im on a major diet, my son and partner are of course helping me out loads by munching loads of chocolate/crisps etc.. but like they say if they eat it i can't!!
Ive brought a treadmill, a good idea in theory but as the most exercise i do is walk from the computer to the kitchen it may take a while for me to build up to a couple of miles. I did 20 Min's yesterday and nearly passed out!! The good thing was though it told me how many calories i had burnt off, 50 which i think is about a apple, so ive got a good way go
After purchasing my new camera ive now found my old one, after blaming my partner it was in my coat pocket im such a plonker, i will never here the end of it now..
Anyway enough about all that now..
Cause i am soooo excited as ive  had the following
New Arrivals!!
One Hot Minute.
Stay Dont Stray Primer.
Play Sticks.
Glitz Glam & Gloss.
Hello Flawless.
Lyin Eyes.
Big Beautiful Eyes.
Lipgloss (5 new shades).

Touche magique Concealer.
Infallible Concealer.
Glam Shine Lipgloss.Blush Minerals.
Superstay foundation.
Dream Mousse Eyecolor.
Dream Mousse Blush.
Dream Mousse Concealer.
Liner Express.
Lip liner.
Lasting Finish Powder.
Recover Concealer.
Max Factor.
Silk Lipgloss.
Collection 2000
Shimmer & Shade Powder.
Glam Metallics Eyeliner (these are fab have kept one myself stunning shades)
Brillant Shimmer Eye Wand.

So thats all as i really must get on listing all this stuff...
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