Saturday, 9 October 2010


New Arrivals Mac

Tendertone lip balm Purring.
Tendertone lip balm Tender Baby.
Tendertone lip balm Take a hint.
Tendertone lip balm Shush!
Eyeshadow Saturnal.
Eyeshadow Aquavert.
Eyeshadow Stars 'N' Rockets.
Eyeshadow Fig.1
Eyeshadow falling Star.
Eyeshadow Knight Divine.
Eyeshadow Refill Stars 'N' Rockets.
Pigment Frost.
Blushcreme Cherche.
Nail Polish Frolick.
Nail Laquer Steamy.
Nail Lacquer Air De Pink.
Frost Lipstick Angeldish.
Chromeglass Pinkocasy.
Plushglass Oversexed.
Glitter Eyeliner Wonderwhite.
Powderpoint Eye Liner Gilded White.
Eye Kohl Lichen.
Eye Brows Pencil Fling.
Lip Pencil Nightmoth.
Eye Pencil Ebony.
Cremestick Pearl Liner Sweet Brown.
There is only a few of each some there is only 1 of there was more but i have kept about 25 pieces myself for my holls.. thanks for looking..


*Crionna* said...

Off i go to check the website :) You'd think id stop im going to New York in two weeks for a shopping trip but no i dont care!! :)

Naoko said...

I have just placed an order! Thank you for the great stuff and your good work! :-)

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