Saturday, 25 September 2010

New Arrivals!!

Today i have new lipglass, im very excited as love mac lipglass and just in time as im off to a wedding later today so a new gloss is just whats needed!

Oyster Girl.



Pink Clash.

Back In Stock



Anyway sorry its so short but i really have to make a move, im running late as i have been to the next sale (of course as its my favorite clothes store!!) and need to get myself the partner and little man ready.
He will look so cute (my son not the partner!) hes already tried his outfit on and decided he looks lame! Where hes got that from il never know!!
I will post a picture of him on here on monday that will really embarrass him, am i mean?  lol..
anyway have a good weekend!
Im staying over at the hotel so any messages will be replied to as soon as im home..


Emma said...

I've been intrigued about MAC Lipglass for ages but worried that it might be too sticky - I think I may just have to try it!

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