Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Back to Snow!!

Firstly thanks so much to all my followers and all the lovely messages asking if id had a nice holiday! Well yes it was brill but i must admit i rather missed my shop, how sads that!!
A big thanks to all my customers from Germany, i know allot of you brought from me for the first time before i went away, and there was some confusion about my shop being closed, so thanks for your patience and understanding.
I did not reply to my messages until monday as there was just so many and my lad wanted to a build snowmen and put the Christmas decorations up!
I did go straight on to read messages on my return at 2.30 in the morning but it would not have been fair just to answer a few and then leave the rest until Monday so i thought its best to do them all the same day.
I will leave it there now as ive got so much posting to do and its snowing quite heavily now and im worried i may have to collect my son from school.
I will write again soon with details of any new arrivals, thanks

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Back from holiday!!

Hi im now back from my holiday i will reply to all messages on Monday when my son is back at school.
thanks for getting in touch i will also update my blog then, and have now reopened my store, thanks so much..

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Mac and Holiday!!

Well its nearly time for my holiday, in case you did not read my previous posts i am going to egypt on the 12th november until the 26th. Its my birthday while im there i will be 30, not many people new that as i always say im 26, but oh well they do now!!
So i will close my shop on the 11th at 12 oclock so i will have chance to complete all my posting.
I will reopen on the 27th as we do not get back until late on the 26th, but as it falls on a Saturday and my son will be off school i will not be posting until the Monday, all orders and messages will be replied to on the Monday.
Also i have had a Mac order in, im so pleased as there is loads of new and older shades ive not had for a while and im going to choose some myself for my holls..
Here's the list
New Arrivals Mac Eyeshadows
Post Haste.
Purple Haze.
Deep Truth.
Warming Trend.
Creme DeViolet.
Back In Stock
Cool Heat.
Femme Fi.
Knight Divine.
Naked Lunch.
Plum Dressing.
Top Knot.
100 Strokes.
Swiss Chocolate.

Well thats them all some fab shades for Christmas, thanks so much to all my customers!! And Followers too!! I will be giving away some free stuff on the run up to Christmas so please check back soon!!
Thanks to you all!! My shop means the world to me and your lovely comments make my day!!
Take Care
Laura and John
(i thought i should mention the partner, not that he ever does any work..lol)

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Mac new arrivals!!

I should be writing more in my blog i know but ive been so busy and unwell ive not really had chance, im having loads of new stuff in this week, ive got a another mac order coming monday and Im so excited as i have some fab stuff in just in time for my holls! im sure i will have to pay extra at check in because im taking that much makeup!! lol
Studio Fix Liquid Foundation
Superglass Lipglass
Cherry Electric.
Gift Wrap.
Disco Blend.
Tunel Of Love.
Sugar Overload,
Totally Bang!
Fab frenzy.
Sweet Tart.
Crush Metal Pigment Stacked 1!
Mac Blush back in stock- Style, Sweetness, Dame & Honour.
Mac Eye Kohl- Teddy, Smolder, Fascinating
New Mac eyeshadows in stock on Wednesday!!
We have been in the caravan this weekend for a Firework weekend, my sons was so excited as we have had the caravan 6 months and not used it before. We had a brill weekend im feeling a bit worse for wear!!
Anyway i just wanted to show you my hansom little man!!
Heres he is at a wedding we went to not long ago, with some of our friends, doesn't he look dashing!! he thinks he looks lame! he is going to go mad when i show him this later! how i love to wind him up! I wonder if i can get him to tidy his bedroom by threatening to put a picture on here ive got of him dressed up in my clothes with his makeup done and head bands in when he was younger..lol i will try that one later...
I just have to mention Halloween i was a devil and my lad a ghost - with his white hair and his face painted mostly in mac, he looked fab! i will post a picture below of him getting ready, i wont scare you of one of me though.....

Anyway thats all for now better go as my son wants his dinner he keeps shouting up im starving!!
Thanks to all my customers you have kept me so busy over the last few weeks... thanks

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